As part of our commitment to help you on your journey to financial freedom; we are glad to announce that we will be giving out free (yes free) shares in various Nigerian companies to our new customers who register during the duration of this offer.

How To Participate

Download and register on i-invest immediately using the code FREE1234, complete your KYC and get your free shares allocated to you in less than 72 hrs.

* This is ONLY open to new i-invest customers

What Shares?

This unique gift, comprising carefully selected shares has been curated based on the equities’ proven records of outperforming the market and delivering value to shareholders, regardless of economic conditions.

Some equities in the bouquet include:

What Next?

Congratulations! Now that you’ve downloaded and registered on i-invest. Your investment portfolio is now being prepared. To get your shares make sure you complete your KYC on the app
i-invest is a secure platform that allows investors like you purchase securities and other related instruments without the aid of a broker.
Download the i-invest app and invest securely anytime, anywhere.

* This is open to new OneBank users below 35 years

Download the i-invest app and invest securely anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The aim of the campaign is to promote a culture of investment and money management among young Nigerians. We believe that it is never too early for anyone to start building wealth.

You will receive a congratulatory email and information on the next steps

Simply complete your KYC so that the shares can be allocated to you. Completing the KYC should not take more than 5 mins

The I-invest app is an online platform designed to help you manage, buy and sell your shares

Yes, the information is required to complete the set up for your CSCS account in order for you to trade. You also need to complete your KYC to cash out.

i-invest will select shares randomly from the shares available and allocate them on a first come first serve basis

72 hrs after your KYC has been approved

Yes, you can buy and sell shares on the I-invest app

Only new customers are eligible.