Frequently Asked Questions


i-invest is a mobile application designed to encourage people to build an investment culture. It provides a secure, fast and convenient way for the general public to access investment products.

It provides an array of financial services products to enable consumers meet the financial objectives.

You can fund your wallet using any of the following funding options: Direct transfer into the i-invest account, which is provided on the app, In branch transfers via E-bills from any bank and via card payment.

Supply your bank details, enter amount to withdraw, supply the secret answer to your secret question when required and confirm transaction.

Please note that your profile and KYC must be updated before you can make withdrawal and withdrawals can only be made to an account linked to your BVN.

You can pick from the list of available T-bills, Eurobonds and Equities listed on the app and enter your desired amount of investment to be purchased. Note that the minimum investment amount for T-bills is ₦50,000.00 and the minimum investment for Eurobonds is $1,000.00.


Your laptop or smartphone, BVN, a valid email address and your phone number.

You will be required to provide a recent utility bill, Passport Photograph or a picture of you and any valid means of identification. Pictures of these documents can be taken with a reduced resolution and uploaded on the app using your smart phone.

Please use a stronger network connection and ensure to reduce the size of your KYC documents to 100kb and below to aid swift upload of documents.

Creation of your account takes about 72 hours. You will get an email notification on your registered email on the app.

A new account will be opened under PSL Capital Limited. However, it will be linked to any existing CHN automatically by CSCS if you already have one.

Treasury Bills

No, interest on treasury bills on the app accrues daily. The interest will be credited with the investment amount at the maturity of your investment.

You can only terminate your T-bills investment after a holding period of 30 days. i.e. Your investment can only be terminated 30 days after the date of purchase.

Yes, you will be charged 30% of the interest accrued. Please note that your investment amount will not be charged.


No, you cannot use your naira wallet amount to invest in Eurobonds. You will need to fund your wallet with dollars to enable you purchase eurobonds.

No, eurobonds are held till maturity. You will not be able to terminate.


Equities are stocks and shares issued by a company that carries no fixed interest.

Dividends earned from shareholdings are determined by the company and will be paid into the investor’s registered bank account.

Download the i-invest app, register and log in. When logged in, fund your wallet using any of the available options and then you can start buying shares available right from the app.

No, you need to upload your KYC document and have them approved before you can make equity purchase.

You can sell your shares anytime on the app. However, you will be required to wait for 3 days before you get value.

You can place an order at any time, but your request will only be processed between 10am and 2:30pm on business days only. i.e. Monday – Friday

Interest Rates
Safety & Security

i-invest app installed on your phone is secure so your money will be safe, but you should take these steps as soon as possible:

  • Install the i-invest app on another device and log in.
  • Click Settings then click Change My Password.
  • Review your transaction history.
  • Notify us at

No, you can only send money to an account linked to your BVN.

You will need to reset your secret question, please proceed to settings and request for a secret question reset. A mail will be sent to you advising you to log in to the app to set a new question.

Mobile App

Android and iOS, the app is not available on windows phones.

  • It’s easy, no additional charges, it saves you time instead of chasing your account officer or waiting in the bank.
  • It doesn’t matter who you bank with, you can access our offerings.

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